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9 capabilities to achieve success at any career stage

May Busch

Executive Careers Consultant and former COO, Morgan Stanley Europe

Today there are dozens of hidden rules to follow and skills to master in order to succeed - and thrive. But in a working environment that’s long on stress and short on certainty, even the most capable professionals are often unsure as to what it takes to really maintain momentum, overcome slumps, and manage the career climb. In her session May will take the mystery out of career mastery and give you real-world stories, insights, and proven strategies you need to take ownership of your career include:

  • The capabilities you need to develop, and how to choose which ones to focus on

  • Steps to increase your effectiveness and enhance your reputation

  • The transformational power of recognising and mastering hidden “career gates”

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Session 1

Investigate: spend time thinking about who you are, what you stand for and your unique value; manage your personal brand and visibility”

Careers Workshop 1a
How to position yourself for success

Growth Mindset in Action

Helen Tupper

Co-Founder, Amazing IF

Growth mindset is fast making its way into organisational life. The idea that when we believe in our ability to continually improve we will achieve more individually and collectively is a compelling one but what does it take to become, as Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft describes it, a 'learn-it-all?' In this action focused session Helen Tupper, co-founder of Amazing If, will share practical tools and techniques on how to build our growth mind-set muscle and the habits you can form to make development part of your day to day work. Together you will explore how to spend more time in your courage zone, why staying curious should be on your must do rather than nice to do list, tools to make feedback part of every day and what it takes to stick with the goals that matter most to you. The session will end with three essential actions you can take to put your growth mindset into action right away.

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Careers Workshop 1b
How to build a personal Brand

From Virtual Presence to Virtual Influence

Joseph Liu

Career Consultant, Public Speaker, Podcast Host

Maintaining your professional presence in the minds of your colleagues and broader network is always important, but has recently become more challenging now that social distancing and work-from-home policies are limiting the amount of physical visibility and face-to-face contact you can have with others. While social media can help you maintain some virtual visibility, just having profiles set up on various platforms is not enough. In this webinar, a seasoned brand marketer turned personal branding consultant will share some simple strategies you can adopt to increase your virtual reach, visibility, and influence at a time when in-person networking and relationship-building are not an option. By the end of the session, you will have a clearer understanding of how you can more effectively leverage LinkedIn, Medium, and Twitter to build your professional influence and reinforce your personal brand across online media outlets so you can ultimately increase your professional influence.

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Session 2

Inspire: mobilise talent within your team and drive your business forward”

Faculty Session 1a

Leading Organisations NOW

Dr. Tammy Erickson

Adjunct Professor of Organisational Behaviour

What’s the most important activity your business needs to do well – and are you working to build an organization optimized to meet that specific challenge?  In this engaging session, Professor Erickson will present contemporary changes that require new organizational designs and the way leaders can begin preparing today: changes in the way value is created, the way work is organised, how work is managed and integrated, how organisations relate to those who work, and the fundamental challenges that will make your organisation iconic, outlining practical suggestions for organizations built to excel today and in the future.

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Faculty Session 1b

Morale in the time of Corona:
Getting the best out of people at the worst of times

Dr. Ben Hardy

Lecturer in Organisational Behavior

Morale is one of those things that everyone recognises but few people understand. This talk draws on 15 years of research on the topic to outline the key principles of morale and how you might go influencing it in your organisation. It will address how to make work meaningful, the importance of working relationships and setting future direction in times of stress and uncertainty.

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Session 3

 Interact: build relationships with the right people, communicate with impact and influence”

Workshop 2a
How to Network Effectively

Networking for Everyone

Sarah Ellis

Co-Founder Amazing IF

Today's careers are characterised by change, ambiguity and transitions. Networking is 'people helping people' and our ability to build relationships is a key skill that everyone needs to navigate our increasingly squiggly world of work. In this action focused session Sarah Ellis, co-founder of Amazing If, will help you to build a network in a way that works for you and your career. Sarah will share ideas, tools and techniques to assess the strength of your network today, identify opportunities to fill in the gaps and how to work out what you want to give and gain as part of your network. The session will end with 3 essential actions everyone can take to build their career network for now and the future.

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Workshop 2b
How to Communicate Effectively

Executive Communication skills in a Virtual World

Gary Mills

Co-Founder and COO of Pinnacle Performance Company

Given recent developments with the Coronavirus, no doubt you are managing a variety of new challenges and concerns with your workforce: How do we manage and communicate effectively with our remote teams? How do we deliver our meetings with impact and inspire teams to take action? How do we demonstrate executive presence and lead effectively?

This 1-hour virtual keynote will dive into the skills needed to answer the above pertinent questions. Executive Presence is the wow factor! It's authority and command. It's charisma and charm. It's also not something most of us are born with. Combined with Personal Brand, leaders will have the secret formula for both gravitas and success. In this virtual keynote, G. Riley Mills will share - - How to use effective communication skills to demonstrate executive presence. - How words, body language and vocal delivery are perceived by and can inspire others. - How to create personal impact, demonstrate gravitas and define your personal brand. - How to influence emotion to motivate action; achieve buy-in using neuroscience. - How to create a powerful Master Introduction for personal impact and executive presence. - How to lead, motivate and inspire effectively in a virtual environment. In the session, Gary will discuss examples of strong personal brands and help participants understand why personal branding is important for them when advancing in their careers. The elements of executive presence will also be discussed, so participants can sharpen their communication by projecting an image of confidence and credibility. Lastly, as we become more of a digitalised workforce, virtual meetings are becoming both more prominent and more critical to the productivity of any organisation. However, just because something is more convenient, doesn't mean that it is more effective. A successful conference call or virtual meeting requires specific skills by leadership. This keynote will address concerns around how to engage your audience/team and lead remotely.

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Closing Plenary

Alumni Keynote Speaker

An Evolving View of Talent

Braden Kelley

MBA Alumnus (2004) - Design Thinking, Transformation and Innovation Leader at Oracle

Has the era of the job description as the center of talent acquisition and talent management passed? If so, what will take its place? Come explore the evolving landscape of talent and the shifts affecting employees, job seekers and HR professionals.

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